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3.2L glass interior stainless steel printing thermos bottle

Brand :
Product origin : Shanghai and Guangdong
Delivery time : 20-25 days
Supply capacity : Over 30000

This is product which is 2 lites and use stainless steel for body and plastic in the top and bottom.

Fearture :

We use stainless steel as a barrel material, because stainless steel is a kind of resistance to air, steam, water and other weak corrosive medium or with stainless steel. The characteristics of stainless steel enable consumers to use the product safely in more environments.

Product of the user-friendly design: We use a convenient plug or cover to make consumers more convenient to use. Convenient plug with 360 degrees of water, which can facilitate the use of customers (do not need a specific location to water). Bullet cover with a button to bounce around in order to help the water come out easly.

Technology: We have the technology of stainless steel printing and stainless steel painting, make the product more beautiful, break the traditional vision, make the product diversification

Our service :

We provide first-class service which includes a variety of product selection (up to 2000), professional quotes, custom services according to customer needs such as printing logo.

Following information for place an order

Ask professional quotes with your requirnment(change box, print logo)

Confirm the date for produce.

Pay for deposit and send us your recipts then we start produce

we can provide photos to shows what we have done and what is the above date we still need to produce

After client pay for balance we will delivery the product.

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