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Car Incubator

Brand : gint
Product origin : jiaxing
Delivery time : 20-25 days
Supply capacity : Over 30000

Product description:

This product is insulation box for helping food or goods keep hot or cold.

This insulation box is suitable for client put on the car due to its proper size.

product feature:

1. Humanized design: each insulation box have configuration handle on both sidehow to use When the handle down the buckle in the open state, you can open the lid, when the handle is pushed up the handle in a closed state, Therefore do not force open the cover.

2. Material types: we use PE outside and the cover, the material of liner is PP and EPS is for insulation layer. the reason why we use those kinds of material is for environmental protection - no freon, energy saving - the use of frozen source, 12 hours insulation and health - isolation the good and outside enveronment to keep fresh .


The size for package: 475 X325X390MM.

The quantity of each carton: there have tow insulation boxed in each carton.

Note: all the details we given will be different depend on size different.

below informations on placing an order.

confirm the dates we have to make product.

clients make a payment for deposit than we start produce.

we can give photos to client to show what we done.

before delivery products we will contact with client to double check the balance and the delivery date.

After clients pay for balance we will delivery product to clients.

When product on clients' hands and satisfied than the order is done.

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