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Inside and outside 304 stainless steel coffee pot

Brand :
Product origin : Shanghai and Guangdong
Delivery time : 20-25 days
Supply capacity : Over 30000

This is the new home new vacuum coffee pot, inside and outside with 304 stainless steel, the appearance of the use of pearl paint technology to make products unique, more beautiful.

This product has two capacities, respectively 1.8 liters and 2.2 liters, which breaks the traditional concept of coffee pots in small capacity.


spiral switch, strong sealing, better insulation effect

Operation: a button to the water, so that customers use more convenient

Cleaning: Hukou spacious, pot body with 304 stainless steel, easy to decontamination

Base: the bottom of the three soft, to reduce the noise placed when placed, the bottom of the buffer bumps, but also play the role of anti-skid

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