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insulation box with wheels

Brand :
Product origin : Shanghai and Guangdong
Delivery time : 20-25 days
Supply capacity : Over 30000

Product descriptions:

There have two different types for insulation box with wheels one is 45 lite another one is 18 lite.


1. Design novel: no electricity, energy saving, safe to use, easy to carry.

2. Clean, non-toxic, no rot, not afraid of collision, easy to clean.

3. Environmental protection - no freon, energy saving - the use of frozen source, 12 hours insulation, Health - use food and the outside world to keep fresh. Convenient carrying handle, user-friendly design buckle.

4. Suitable for: car, home, medical and outing, sports, shopping, fishing, long-distance travel food, beverages and other preservation, refrigeration or insulation.

5, in the tired when you can sit at the top of the product rest, you can bear the weight of 100 KG.

How to use:

The storage box flat in the refrigerator or freezer for 10 hours after freezing, into the freezer, placed in the refrigerator from the food, drinks and other items on the top or side, the box The temperature can be kept below 15 degrees for about 20 hours

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