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Men's hoods Vacuum car cups

Brand :
Product origin : Shanghai and Guangdong
Delivery time : 20-25 days
Supply capacity : Over 30000

This is newest vacuum car cup for men. we use 304 food grade stainless steel in this product hope customers who use our product had better quality life.

There have two reasons for choose this product. first of all, when people driving they do not have enough time to open the cover and can not use two hands to open the cover due to the safty. Therefore, we use the function cover to help solve the driver will encounter problems when driving. in addition, we add another function to help improve the safty which is lock. in the side of cover there have a lock function. another reason is the size. The diameter of the base can be placed in the groove where the cup is placed in the car。


there have one color in each carton and each cup have a single color box

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